Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look at the data -- Employment and Unemployment

The Saint Louis Fed is a great place to find data and graphs. Since we have been writing about employment and unemployment lately, it doesn't hurt to see what the graphs show. These graphs begin in 1985 and give you some perspective. Notice the grey bars indicate time periods of past recessions. These graphs come from a publication called National Economic Trends. Can you see why people say that the unemployment rate is a lagging indicator? Notice that the unemployment rate does not begin to fall for several years after the end of a recession....


  1. Great Larry, now you have a forum to post skewed research that reflects your narrow world view.
    kisses & love,
    James Gardner

  2. Hi James,

    Nice to hear from you. My point in the post is to link friends to employment data and to show why unemployment is called a lagging indicator. I didn't realize that was skewed and narrow. I hope all is well with you and Alice -- and the rest of the family.