Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas 2014

My good friend Ron, a reader of this blog suggested that publishing on December 23rd might be a little ballsy. After all, you important folks have a lot to do to get ready for Christmas and archery practice. So I decided to follow his advice and post something whimsical, though highly meaningful.And by that I mean I am posting my 2014 Christmas list. For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas you may substitute another word for Christmas or for list or for any other word above if you want. This is a free country you know.

In reading this list you will notice that I did not include JD. I figured that would be sort of err redundant. There are only 18 items because I am not greedy and I forgot the other ones.
  1. Cuban Cigar
  2. Free popcorn and flack jacket with ticket to  “The Interview”
  3. Elizabeth Warren Jockstrap
  4. A one-pee night
  5. One channel that has news
  6. Fed Impatient about Interest Rate above Zero
  7. Honest politician
  8. Mung Bean Bindaettoek at Gwangjang Market
  9. Putin and Bieber in the rear view mirror
  10. Sing one song live with the Temptations or Four Tops or Justin Bieber
  11. Ribeye Steak as big as my head
  12. Cash
  13. A liberal/progressive who will write a guest blog for me
  14. Another grandson
  15. Wearable Camera for the Back Door
  16. Paul Krugman's speaking fee
  17. An Uber gift certificate
  18. Another daughter named Ashley
I hope you have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year.