Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year: and other Blog Facts Updates

New for 2017 --

My followers include people with and without much education or experience with macroeconomics. I have heard from many of you that you like to read parts of my postings but often you get lost in the vocabulary and the details. 

So I decided to adapt a reader I use in courses for blog purposes. It is called MacroNotesMBA and can be found at the above address. 

Once you find the location you will see four main blocks: Home, About, Blog, and Contact. Below all that are the main topics for international macro. Place your cursor over any of those topics and you will see a number of sub-topics. Cool! 

If you find it useful please use it for background to the blog. Feel free to share it. 

MacroNotes was developed for my past MBA courses -- it attempts to be a very practical and useful guide to the main topics of international macroeconomics. 

Other Stuff

Because I have been traveling and partying excessively (code words for an extra JD or two), I didn’t have enough grey matter or energy to begin the year with a power-packed analysis of the President-elect’s policies or potty habits.
But I did decide to share some blog facts with you.

·       I mounted this pony in 2010 and since then, I have more or less posted each week for a total 390 posts. As a result the A and the S on my keyboard are worn off.
·       I am especially pleased that nearly all posts have comments from colleagues and friends. They are often the best part of the blog.
·       I am told you must have a Gmail account to post comments but I have been told more than one thing about that. Sometimes people send me their comments and I post them. Blogspot help is absolutely no help for anything. They seem to ignore all my requests.
·       If you look on the right-hand-side of the blog homepage, you will see two different listings of all the posts – one by date and one by topic (Label). Click on a label and you will see all the posts about that topic. Look for the label Kardashian under K.
·       I have posted 22 times on Economic Growth, for example, and only one time on Bernie Sanders.
·       Blogspot shows me some facts about the readers. Each week I send an email to approximately 500 old friends, neighbors, and creditors. I also post on Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter.
·       Until about three months ago, readership had grown from about 1,000 page views to about 2,000 per month. But strangely, in the last few months I am getting more like 8,000 page views per month. I don’t know how or why – but for the last three months the numbers have gotten high and stayed there.
·       I am shown information about page views by country. In the last month, the great majority of page views were from the USA (8,000). Behind the USA was Russia (1,100), Germany (50), France (40), followed by China, Ukraine, Canada, South Korea and India. Since the blog began it has had about 130,000 page views.
·       I have thought about getting a sponsor and making money from the blog but I also thought about being a pole dancer in Budapest.